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Seveneast is an Indian ethnic brand focused on selling women's wear and accessories for women. At Seven east, we are committed to ensuring the highest level of security and safety, whilst maintaining the ease-of-use and the fun of shopping online!


We are constantly in search for beautiful articles of fashion, be it clothing, accessories, footwear or anything else.


At Seven east, we follow, both, an open marketplace model and a white label model in our working with our vendors. Meaning to say, if we are mad about your products (and we have to really adore them) and they are unique and we also get some competitive advantage or monopoly or price benefit, we would be happy to quote your brand. In most cases, we brand the products as Seven east


We, generally, do not stock items and work by backordering the products, as-and-when we receive orders from our customers. For this, we partner with manufacturers or super-wholesalers who can regularly keep us updated on their stock status and delivery schedules.


Should you be interested in working on the above model of business, please email with the images of your products and rate list, we will revert back shortly.